(Before we get started…day 30?! It seems like so long, but then I remember everywhere I’ve been in the past month and it feels like day 300. Just a side note. Month One is done!)

This cat is smarter than I am.

No, seriously.

Yesterday, I had a list of things to accomplish that was a mile long. I was going to catch up on emails and plan meals for the next week and workout and scope out the city and…wait for it…make another list, this one comprised of ways in which I’m going to make the most out of the next three weeks in Colorado. Because nothing says fun quite like a list of ways to have fun.

As I was flying around with anxiety-ridden abandon, Boots came home after spending the morning running around outside. And then she did this:

A NAP?! Who ever heard of such a thing? How can you be productive while unconscious? When will lists be made and items be checked off? What is crazier than sleeping in the middle of the day???

Possibly, the human who is running around like Chicken Little with her pants on fire for no apparent reason.

I realized that Boots was onto something here. So I joined her.

Really, who wouldn’t?

When I moved over to the couch Boots climbed up on top of my stomach and settled in for round two of her afternoon snooze. Since my brain isn’t ever really able to fully shut off during daytime hours I didn’t nap so much as I powered down momentarily, but it was still exquisite. I see many repeat occurrences in our future.

[Coincidentally, I did end up writing the Make the Most of Colorado list, because I can’t fully escape the list-loving half of my brain. It has 39 points. Because clearly, 40 would have been overkill.]