I’ve never believed in love at first sight.


I do now.

From the moment I stepped out of Blue Steel (the newly christened name for the roadtrip van – movie recognition, anyone?) I was head over heels in love with Denver. Nature! Babbling brooks and streams with mountains as the backdrop. Activity! People everywhere were biking, running, walking, playing with their dogs. Parks! Paths and trails and wide open green spaces.

And this was just within a one mile radius. I haven’t even begun to explore the real city, the shopping, the food.

The food. The most important part.

Even though my spontaneous affection for Denver is a naive love, it’s love all the same. We have a little fling going on right now, but I think it may turn into a committed relationship as soon as we get to know each other a little better.

P.S. – the reason I was in Denver to begin with was for an event at REI.

Ok…if even the REI is beautiful…this must be a wonderful, wonderful city.