First, an observation: Saturday morning television used to be a revered entity. It was the driving force behind launching out of bed on weekend mornings. And who remembers the good ole days of TGIF, the Friday evenings passed with the cast of Family Matters and Boy Meets World and Step by Step?

Those days, my friends, have passed. The glory days of weekend TV are no more. Dateline? Doodlebops? YU-GI-OH??? What is this nonsense?

At least Friday Night Lights will bring some life to the end of the week’s schedule, albeit only for one more season…

Moving on. Second, the weather in Colorado is so gorgeous that everything is still in summer mode. Even the flowers! Really, I have proof:

Snow in the mountains, summer on the ground. Nice enough weather to sit outside for every meal of the day and to run without being freezing or roasting (although we won’t mention panting, gasping, or collapsing).

Great work, Colorado. Nicely done. Weekend TV: take note.