Yesterday I explored Boulder. There were a few unanticipated events.

1. Costumed Humans.

I was about as confused as this kid when I saw the pile of cotton rags with paws lying on the sidewalk, motionless. After solidifying the fake out, he popped up and revealed himself to be a dog of sorts.

And apparently a grateful one.

2. We Will, We Will (Christian) Rock You.

I went to a church in Boulder last night. As I was walking into the service I heard a familiar song, but one I couldn’t really place given the setting. This difficulty was due to the fact that I’ve never experienced “We Will Rock You” as a worship song before.

I’m really not sure what to say about that.

3. Signs.

Last but certainly not least, this:

No sign has ever so accurately captured my life, or the men who so often find themselves attracted to me.