Yesterday was all about football.

No, really. It was all about football.

Most of my day looked like this:

Until the Packers game went into overtime, at which point my day was pared down to this:

And then the Packers lost in OT. So after a long and unholy lung cardio session the rest of the day looked like this:

I tried to do something other than watch football and eat Thai takeout. And I did accomplish a few marginally productive tasks. But really…let’s be reasonable: I’ve gone through an unprecedented football drought over the past month. I’ve only seen a handful of games since the regular season began. A smattering, if that! And when a person survives a drought, afterwards she is usually dehydrated and in need of fluids…

It only follows that yesterday was my completely necessary and long-awaited football drought IV.

The fact that the IV was administered over 12 consecutive hours not including Saturday night’s college games does not need to be discussed. (Nor does the fact that the Packers are going to have to start recruiting from the local high school to fill the roster and/or just move into the local hospital. Clay! Jermichael! Donald! Netts, both Burn and Barn! AARON?! Please return to good health quickly…we desperately need you!)