True to form, I became inordinately excited about three things yesterday.

1. These flowers:

Oh my LAND, Colorado. I scarcely needed more convincing that you are bursting with beauty, so this was just over the top. Great work.

2. This pasta:

Ok, can we talk about something? I usually have little difficulty whipping up a frosted carbohydrate. Give me a food ending in -ies – cookies, brownies, pies – and I’ll be able to Paula Deen my way to dessert. But real food? Or at least what the rest of the world considers real food since I would be just as happy having whoopie pies for every meal of the day? I’m far less capable and creative.

But yesterday…I conquered new culinary territory. I made that tomato sauce!!! Sans recipe, as is my rebellious way. I just roasted some tomatoes and garlic, then blended it with olive oil, fresh basil, and a few seasonings. And, as Emeril would say, BAM! Tomato sauce was born. It’s not going to win any ribbons at the county fair, but it made for a pretty pleasant dinner for one.

3. These muffins:

At the end of the day I had to return to my roots and make dessert disguised as breakfast. I never thought any morning bread could steal my heart away from the banana chocolate chip muffins who’ve had a lock on first place for years. But these applesauce raisin muffins…I think they’ve swooped in and stolen my devotion.

Ironically, they were only made because I had to wait for the bananas for the aforementioned used-to-be-favorite muffins to ripen. So out of a craving for autumnal foods I found the applesauce recipe and figured it would tide me over until banana muffins could be mass produced. I never saw the dark horse coming.

These muffins are out of this world amazing. I think it might be the cardamom. And the raisins? OH MY WORD! I was a little apprehensive since I’m more of a chocolate chip or nut person, but they really make all the difference.

And in other outstanding news, it snowed last night. Not here, but relatively nearby. Amazing.