Yesterday, something unprecedented happened.

I left the house without my camera.

I KNOW! Crazier things have not happened.

And, of course, I would find myself in multiple situations which required documenting, all without proper documentation devices. I would also find myself wishing for longer legs so I could give myself a good swift kick for forgetting my camera and…just so I could be taller.

You know, a few extra inches would be nice. I wouldn’t mind being able to see what’s on top of the refrigerator.

Luckily, the camera on my phone is pretty spiffy and takes decent phone photos. Here’s the day’s highlights:

There must be something in apples that makes a person prone to forgetfulness. Aside from leaving my camera behind, I also left hundreds of potential caffeinated beverages behind the counter of Starry Nights, a local coffee shop when, inexplicably, I ordered a beverage that was not coffee. To some of you, not ordering coffee at a coffee shop is not ground breaking. You do it all the time. You order an iced green tea without so much as a second glance at the iced coffee section. But for me…this is unheard of. What’s the point of going to a coffee shop if you don’t shop for coffee? It’s implied in the name!

I can only attribute this odd occurrence to apple overdose, since I did not have a meal yesterday that did not include fall’s favorite fruit – apple muffins, apple crisp, sliced apples, and the earth shattering hot apple cider at Starry Nights.

What is this world coming to?

Though I do have to admit…sipping on hot apple cider while paging through something more age-appropriate Martha Stewart Living after a colorful fall bike ride…not a bad combination.