Some experiences should not be repeated. Food poisoning, for instance. Or jelly fish stings. Traffic violations aren’t great the second time around. And neither was this:

For the second week in the row I sat with bated breath as I watched the play by play on the computer screen and heard it from the phone. And for the second week in a row I saw the doomed announcement before I heard it.

The kick was good. Again.

The only thing more disheartening than losing in overtime for the second week in a row was getting this live update on Google Reader during the game:

The Packers just stopped the Dolphins on both third-and-1 and fourth-and-1 from the Green Bay 27, with the help of offensive lineman T.J. Lang coming in as a defensive lineman in the short-yardage package. Lang lined up right over the center on both plays, just like a nose tackle.

Oh, wait. There’s also this:

LB Brady Poppinga has left the game with a knee injury. His return is questionable.

One more, just for kicks:

On third-and-10 from the Green Bay 40, Rodgers is picked off by CB Jason Allen. It happened one play after FB John Kuhn dropped a screen pass that could have gone for a nice gain with some blockers out front.

That’s Rodgers’ seventh INT of the season, matching his total through all 16 games of the regular season last year.

An offensive lineman playing on the D line for lack of healthy defensive players. More injuries. Rodgers making a cameo as Favre.

Come quickly, bye week.

In a much more appreciated repeat performance, the food was good again today.

Now I know this doesn’t look all that appetizing at first glance. It actually kind of looks like biscotti. Or like something I pulled out of the ground and dusted off before setting it on a cooling rack. It’s probably going to look even less appetizing after I tell you what it is.


Banana bread! And no, it hasn’t gone bad. It’s a dark version using molasses and brown sugar and after trying it, I’m totally converted. This classic morning bread has a dark side and I like it.

There was also a dinner of roasted vegetables and gnocchi with a spicy slow roasted tomato sauce I made this morning, but I was too hungry for documentation.

And it wasn’t all bad on the football front, either. For one thing, it was another Sunday of all day game coverage (no thanks to FOX, which aired COPS instead of the Vikings/Cowboys game…really, FOX? really?) For another, I got to watch Tim Tebow run in his first NFL TD in a riveting home game in the stadium I just rode my bike around a few days ago.

They lost too. It was a heartbreaker.

But it was still a day full of football. At the end of the day that’s always a good thing.

(P.s. – It’s a little known fact that my love of football comes from my mom, and today happens to be her birthday. Mom, thanks for the tradition of Sundays that start with the FOX pregame show and end with the postgame report 12 hours later. I love you and hope you have a wonderful day! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!)