Please refrain from hurling projectiles at your computer screen when you read the next sentence.

Brussels sprouts are my favorite vegetable.

I know. It’s uncommon. And apparently Brussels sprouts elicit very strong emotions from people, most of whom are haters. What can I say…roasted with olive oil, along side sweet potatoes and red onions…there’s really nothing that makes me so keen on greens as that.

Please also refrain from picking your projectiles back up after this sentence.

I’m now completely on the kale bandwagon.

I know. Kale is the new lettuce. Kale is basically the new everything. It’s gone from obscurity to center stage at record pace and I know I’m late to the party on this one…but man, kale chips really are life-changing.

You know why?

They remind me of the best part of roasted Brussels sprouts – the crispy layers that fall off from the main sprout. I used to think, “For the love of all that is vegetation…I could eat a whole plate full of these.” And now, wonder of wonders, I can!

The feast before your eyes is comprised of just a few leaves (shoots? palms? I don’t know what the technical term here is) of kale, broken down into smaller bits and tossed with olive oil and salt before taking a short cruise (about 20 minutes) through the oven at 300 degrees, resulting in a shameless treat for the ages.

Don’t knock it til you’ve tried it, and I promise…you too will join the masses in kale appreciation!

(P.s. – they’re best fresh out of the oven…although having any leftover within 5 minutes or so is highly unlikely.)