For the record, I know that candy corn is, as Gilmore Girls Mrs. Kim would say, sugar-coated death. It’s about as far removed from real food as you can get. It’s the antithesis of everything I believe in nutritionally. It’s nothing but sugar and chemicals, and it’s the exact type of food-like substance that is causing the swift decline of American health.


However…I’ve been craving candy corn like nobody’s business for the past few days. So when I spotted this mini pack at the coffee shop, I decided to break my own rules. It’s healthy to do that every now and then, right?

If nothing else, they were a great contribution to these photos, which capture yesterday’s perfect fall afternoon in all it’s fall-ness. And it must be all of this fall-ness welling up within me that keeps leading me to wonderful websites, because I have even more to share with you today. This time, they’re Halloween themed!

I promise to lay off the links for at least a few days…but these seemed too good not to share! Happy Saturday, everyone!