As is usually the case, I have multiple unrelated thoughts to share today. It’s time for every blogger’s favorite organizational device: the bulleted list.

  • I’m glad to know you guys are just as boring as I am.
  • One of my most beloved Rochesterian traditions was going down to the farmer’s market on the corner during weekends in the fall and purchasing pumpkin whoopie pies from the Amish family. As a rule, I am an avid whoopie pie lover, but the pumpkin variety hold a special place in my heart this time of year. I’ve been craving one for months. Who would have guessed that after covering over 8,000 miles of American roadways I would come up empty in my search for a similar cream-filled treat? That is, until yesterday. After consuming an admirably healthy breakfast at the Corner Bakery Cafe I collected my belongings and began to head outside when what to my wondering eyes should appear but a pumpkin whoopie pie…filled with cinnamon buttercream! With only a momentary second thought to mourn the loss of my previous nutritional gold star, I ordered my favorite fall cookie with too much enthusiasm for 9:00 am, much to the dismay of the person behind the register.

Isn’t it beautiful? I’m so happy we were reunited, pumpkin whoopie pie. I’ve missed you.

  • I realized that years of excessive coffee consumption have enlarged the size of my bladder substantially when I consumed three cups of coffee yesterday, then drove from Mississippi to Georgia, a 7 hour trek, without needing to stop for any reason, restroom break included. The fact that my bladder barely shrugged at the weight of three cups of coffee is astounding…and slightly disturbing.
  • I also realized that driving alone for 7 hours straight two days in a row is an uncommon feat for individuals who are not employed by the trucking industry. Most people need conversation, stimulation, some source of outside entertainment. That my brain chugs along contentedly and unimpeded by these circumstances causes me to wonder whether this is a good or bad thing. (An hour or two passed unnoticed while grooving along to what is sure to become a staple in my online radio station library. Thanks, Jackson 105.1!)
  • In a world that is constantly changing, one thing can be counted on to remain the same: my inability to have the slightest sense of direction. For the next few days I am staying at Koinonia Partners in Americus, Georgia, which functions as a traveler’s respite, Christian community, Pecan farm, and the founding location of Habitat for Humanity. After not factoring in the timezone change and arriving on campus after dark, I spent ten minutes driving in very small circles attempting to navigate the clear map provided for me and find my assigned dorm. As I sit in a room that I assumed to be mine and write this on Tuesday night I can only hope that I am in the right place and will not be an unwelcome surprise to it’s intended inhabitant later tonight. (P.s. – it’s later tonight, and I’m in the right place! My housemate, Ellie, is probably in her 70’s and is one of the sweetest people in a long line of sweet people I’ve met on this trip.)

(Sidenote A: I am back in the EST. I’ve never loved my home timezone more)

(Sidenote B: For anyone else whose brain is awash with a sea literary facts and will spend days in frustration wondering why the name Americus rings a bell…Americus is the name of Novalee’s daughter in the Billie Letts novel Where the Heart Is. It felt so good to finally place that as I was driving into town.)