As Paula Deen would say: Oh, y’all. I saved the best farm story for last.

(Disclaimer: If you are eating breakfast while reading this, you’re going to want to stop doing that momentarily.)

So while I was at Koinonia I was given a tour of the grounds by one of the interns. In between stops we chatted about various topics and at one juncture I asked him what he had been doing on the farm lately. He said he had mostly been working with the animals – rotating the herds and that sort of thing. He also mentioned that he had been helping out with castrations, which didn’t surprise me because it’s commonplace on a farm that keeps livestock. Then he segued into what I thought was a completely separate conversation, which did catch me by surprise:

“I don’t know if this will gross you out or anything, but I’ve been trying to eat more raw meat.”

I’m familiar with the raw meat movement and the thought process behind it so I wasn’t at all disturbed by this and responded in a pleasant manner with, “Oh, that’s interesting.”

“Yeah, sometimes when we’re doing castrations, I’ll just pop a few testicles. They’re actually pretty good!”

The English side of my brain noted the irony in his word choice. The common sense side of my brain berated me for not connecting conversations A and B, an error which led to the mildly horrified expression on my face. All remaining brain sides were substantially grossed out.


In an effort to not leave you scarred for the rest of the day, please delight in the following: 1. My new favorite food blog (to rekindle positive associations with food) and 2. Pictures from the farm (to erase the mental images I just encouraged and supply prettier ones).