It seems fitting that a trip around the country came to it’s photographic end in the nation’s capital. Somehow, I made it through 24 years of east coast citizenship without ever visiting Washington DC. But those unpatriotic days are over! Jennie and Tom were excellent tour guides, making sure we hit all of the major landmarks. And not becoming exasperated by constant stops for pictures.

Random fact: after documenting 98% of the tree population in Washington DC, I realized that I’ve so desperately missed fall on the east coast. And even more than the beauty of autumn, I’ve missed trees! Real ones – tall, branchy, leaf-filled trees. I was so glad to see them in all of their glory yesterday.

On top of the fantastic hosts and the historic monuments and the wonderful, wonderful trees…it was an unbelievably gorgeous day. Sunny with a side of breeze. Just warm enough not to be cold. BEAUTIFUL.

And people…today…as you read this…I am driving HOME!!! Ten weeks, 27 states, and almost 10,000 miles later. What a ride.