There are few beliefs I hold as dear as the belief that Sundays are for three things and three things only: church, football, and baking. (You can see how the off-season pains me, it throws everything out of balance. That being said…NFL: How about putting all of this “18 game season” nonsense to rest and just extending to a solid 52 game season? I think 98% of people who are not professional football players would greatly appreciate this adjustment. Please and thank you.) This being the case, you can imagine my enthusiasm for Sundays in December: it’s Christmas, there’s always a good game on, and the confectionery options are virtually limitless. The most wonderful time of the year is not an empty promise.

For me, Christmas Cooking starts and ends with Christmas Cookies. It’s the pinnacle of the baking year. There are always stand-by favorites, but if you’re looking for something new to leave for Santa this year, here are some diverse sources for cookie recipes:

1. The Traditionalist

Really, does anyone do it better than Martha? I highly doubt it. As is to be expected, she has a beautifully organized repertoire of Christmas cookies on her website, which you can find here.

2. The Tried and True

Tasty Kitchen is a culinary branch of the Pioneer Woman’s website. It contains tested-and-approved recipes from members of the site for any and every meal and occasion. One of the site’s editors rounded up a list of the best Christmas cookies – from chocolate to (perish the thought) non-chocolate and everything in between. You can find it here.

3. The Health Conscious

Let it be known that Oh She Glows, a vegan food blog, is my new favorite recipe resource. Don’t hate. What this girl makes without butter or eggs or milk is a wonder…and everything is unbelievably good. For the holidays she is featuring one favorite cookie a week; you can start at the beginning of the series (with snickerdoodles!!!) here.

May all of your holiday baking be happy. And may all of your cookies contain chocolate.