Oh, commercials. Just like Visa: They’re everywhere, and especially during the Christmas season. Consumer culture = commercial culture. It’s quite out of control. There are multiple outrageous statistics about how many advertisements Americans are subjected to during a 24 hour period and even the low estimates are harrowing. I am not a fan of this bombardment. However, it’s not all bad; there are some flashes of brilliance amongst the rubble. Here are a few of my all-time favorites:

First, you just can’t beat the Hersey Kiss Christmas Carol. Classic.

Any really, does anyone do it better than Coca Cola?

Now, this one isn’t exactly a Christmas commercial, but it’s still in the holiday season family:

Really…this is probably the best part of Santa’s gig:

The M&M’s commercial has to be included:

This one is my mom’s fav; as she describes, it’s just “so Vermont.”

And for my current favorite…I stop everything and stand mesmerized every time this one comes on. So intricate, so lovely.

How about you guys? Any favorites?

*Note: for those of you reading in Reader, you will likely have to pop over to the actual blog site to see all of the commercials.