Oh, people.

Today flew by faster than a herd of flying reindeer. One minute I was making banana pancakes as the sun rose and the next I was an elf mass producing Christmas presents well after the sun set. And then there was a Martha Stewart special on, and then I decided to make a kale pesto sauce, and then I had to add twenty years to my birth certificate. And THEN Urban Meyer retired! And then I said to myself, “Oh, crap. It’s the 8th day of Christmas with scarcely a blog post to be found.”

But fear not, dear readers. Fear not. I have stockpiled Christmas resources for moments like these.

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of the tv show Friends. I’m not sure if I can make it through 5 minutes of conversation without a Friends quote slipping in at one point or another. Since I’ve seen all of the seasons more times than I can count I know all of the episodes fairly well. But I still have a hard time remembering where specific episodes fall in each season, especially the (ALWAYS classic) Thanksgiving and Christmas episodes. It’s the same with my other favorites, too – Gilmore Girls, Boy Meets World, Friday Night Lights, etc.

So the other day I was looking for a list of Christmas episodes of Friends…and stumbled upon the ultimate Christmas television resource. Seriously, this thing is no joke. Punky Brewster? Check. ALF? Done. Mystery Science Theater 3000? There’s no reason for this show to a) have a Christmas episode or b) exist – but yes!

No matter which Christmas episode you want to watch, there’s about a 99.9% chance you’ll find it on this list. Enjoy!