1. Let’s start off with the most important order of business, and that is the fact that this blog is magical. “What?!” you gasp. “How?!” you may ask. This is how, my friends:

THE SNOW HEARD MY PLEA!!! Less than 24 hours after my request, snow arrived on our doorstep. Magic.

2. I had an idea of what I wanted to post to go along with the “magic” theme, but just to see what other people considered Christmas Magic I decided to Google the term. I was met with limited edition fairies, world-famous light displays, a music video, and about 18 Hallmark movies. And this was just on the first page of results…think of what fun is hiding on the other pages! Pure internet gold, I am sure.

3. Really, is there anything more magical than a snow globe? I think not. Which is why I’d like to invite my old pal Martha back up to the stage to teach us all how to make our own snow globes. Bonus: This looks like a fantastic Christmas gift idea.

4. It would be magic if I were ready for the 300th Post Giveaway. But let’s be reasonable: Apparently I’ve used up all of the magic reserves on willing snow to fall from the sky, so I feel like that’s a justifiable expenditure of supernatural powers. Give magic some time to recover and perhaps it will appear tomorrow in a phenomenal giveaway announcement post.

4b. (Magic, once you’re finished making my snow dreams come true and creating a fantastic giveaway, could you possibly work overtime and show up at the Packers/Patriots game this weekend? That would be swell.)