There are some days that are naturally happy. Monday, for example. On Monday I read three magazines, caught up on the 86 many blogs I subscribe to in Google Reader, and found out what Oprah’s favorite things are this year. And, because I also answered the phone three times and photocopied ten sheets of paper, I got paid. This will forever be known as The Best Temp Job Ever.

There are other days, however, that are naturally unhappy. Sunday, for example. Sunday was a day of unspeakable woe. It physically pains me to recall the devastation that was the Packers/Lions game. I thought it was a blessing that due to Jericho tumbling down in Minnesota FOX was airing the other NFC North game. I thought wrong.

Days like that need a little assistance. After immediately exiting the house, pressing start on the closest treadmill available, and running until the steam coming out of my face turned into sweat, I needed a place of refuge to which to return. Luckily, my bedroom is just such a place. It’s on the verge of being an all-out Christmas Wonderland.

Want to see it?

I’ll take that as a yes (and ignore it if it’s a no)!

Here we go!

I was so excited to decorate for Christmas this year. Mostly because I was so excited to be home for Christmas this year. I’ve always been able to come home for Christmas, but I haven’t been home for the entire Christmas season since high school. So this year, especially after traipsing around the country for 10 weeks, I was more than ready to deck the halls and celebrate in a big way. The decorations are simple – mostly a collection of items from the 50% off bin at Michaels, old ornaments, and knick-knacks from Christmases past. But something about white lights and rampant enthusiasm makes everything shine a little brighter.

If in fact your day has been naturally unhappy and you are in need of a little Christmas lovin’ – you may be in luck! That’s because the 300th Post Giveaway Announcement is finally here!!!

I was shockingly predictably indecisive about what the grand prize would be this time around. And then yesterday, it hit me like a ton of whole wheat pastry flour. Since I’ve been baking up a storm, there was really only one acceptable gift…

What’s that? A ting-tinker? A slew-slumper? A who-whooper? Nothing from Whoville here, my friends. Just a good old fashioned…

Christmas Cookie Jar!!! And let me tell you something: these bad boys are good.

They may rank among the best chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever made. These things are no joke.

I wish I could send a package to each and every one of you. But since I am neither Betty Crocker nor the United States Postal Service, I’ll have to settle for just sending one to the WINNER OF THE 300TH POST GIVEAWAY…..


Way to go, Befty! Hopefully these can be hand-delivered to you within the next few weeks (they’re in my freezer now so that you don’t receive them with a festive fringe of green) but if not I’m sure they’d love to travel by mail, too. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

(For those of you who are now craving chocolate chip cookies and find yourselves cookie-less, you have my sincerest apologies. But if you’d like to rectify that situation, I’d highly recommend running out for ingredients and this cookbook, where the chocolate chip cookie recipe of wonders can be found.)