Yesterday’s giveaway got me thinking about my favorite kind of gift to give: the edible kind. They’re made with love, received with enthusiasm, and do not involve braving packed parking lots, long lines, and crazed Christmas shoppers at the mall. (Although occasionally, I really do enjoy the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping. The buzz of energy mixed with decorations and lights and music…it’s so much fun!) This morning I decided to round up a few links for food gifts and found some great ones – 40+ ideas total! Here are my favorites from each site, but be sure to check out the links for the full list!

Homemade Food Gifts via Martha: Martha, Martha, Martha. What would we ever do without you? There are 30 excellent and easy ideas here, and surprisingly, my favorite one does not include chocolate OR cookies. I know. The world as we know it has come to an end. But I really like the idea for candied citrus peels…and maybe dipping them in dark chocolate…you know, just for a finishing touch.

Edible Gift Ideas from Whole Living: At first I thought that non-dessert food gifts were blasphemy, but really, there’s an overload of sweets during the holidays as it is. So perhaps something that will not instantly send the recipient into a sugar coma would be appreciated. In that case, these ideas from Whole Living are perfect. I’m especially a fan of the easy granola!

Charitable Food Gifts courtesy of The New York Times: If you want to gift something tasty but don’t want to make it yourself AND you want to give a gift that gives back, the Times has you covered! They’ve listed a bunch of food-based charities along with their gift offerings. Since I can’t pick a favorite I’ll just add another one to the list: Koinonia Partners. As I experienced first-hand, the people, products, and purpose here are all outstanding…especially the pecan pie!