Those who have had the displeasure of my company this week know that I am not exaggerating when I say that I did not earn any gold stars in heaven for my behavior on earth during the past 7 days. (Those who have put up with me, however, have earned gold stars up the wazoo.) This particularly unfortunate disposition has been due to the impending doom of today: the Packers/Patriots game in New England. Alternatively known as the likely end of our season, for all intents and purposes.

I don’t mean to jump the gun on this one. I’d rather have unabashed confidence in my team until the final whistle blows than abandon them before kickoff. But really…I’d have to be in a pharmaceutically-enhanced state of denial to think that tonight’s exhibition is going to go well. It could happen. It might happen! But with a second string QB making his 1st career start (we believe in you Matt! YOU CAN DO IT MAYBE!)…against the stuff-of-sports-legends Patriots…at home…in December…in Week 15, a week bearing the number that hates me…it doesn’t seem probable.

And so I’ve known the truth all week: a loss on Sunday and a Bears win on Monday basically seals the deal on the No Playoffs deed. It’s kind of been like dreading an upcoming dentist’s appointment. Or like having your head in the crook of the guillotine and waiting A WEEK for the blade to fall. It’s more like that.

BUT…there’s still hope. Which is why I will be praying fervently for a Christmas Miracle of epic proportions tonight, and would consider you all the best friends and blog readers a girl could ask for if you would join me in my pleas to the football heavens.

And just in case things don’t go so well…I’ve already stocked up on the essentials. I’ll also need chocolate courage to cheer on the Vikings tomorrow night, something I can only do under these dire circumstances. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Go Favre Jackson Webb Anyone Under Center Wearing Purple!

Good luck tonight, Pack. Good luck on Monday, Vikes. Good luck Tim Tebow in your first Black Hole fight. Merry Christmas (miracles) to all, and to all a good night!