Oh yes, we’ve saved the best topics for last.

I had planned to write a dissertation on all of the best Christmas carols, their merits and downfalls, their origins and popularity – not because I hate you and wanted to bore you to death, but because I’m legitimately a nerd and had a hankering for some good old fashioned internet research. (I know. Mock me now.) But, luckily for all of you, I came upon The Chicago Tribune’s Christmas Carol Quiz first.

I’m ashamed to say that out of the 25 questions…I missed THREE. And on no-brainers! Shameful.

You’ll have to go to the website to actually take the quiz, but here are a sampling of questions for you to peruse. They will fill your heart with Christmas cheer. Also, while you’re on the website, be sure to check out the “Scared of Santa” photo gallery. It’s priceless.

• 1. “The Christmas Song” refers to “folks dressed up like—

A. Elves

B. Angels

C. Eskimos

D. Chewbacca

• 2. What were the last words of Frosty the Snowman?

A. “Hold my beer and watch this.”

B. “Catch me if you can!”

C. “Ahh, I can’t wait to get in that hot shower.”

D. “I’ll be back again someday.”

• 3. In “Joy to the World,” Jesus is said to rule the world with —

A. Truth and grace

B. Love and hope

C. Mercy and care

D. Clout and cash

• 4. In “The Little Drummer Boy,” how does Baby Jesus react to the stylings of the impoverished percussionist?

A. He smiles

B. He nods and keeps time with the ox and lamb

C. He sleeps in heavenly peace

D. He weeps inconsolably because, like almost everybody else, he too hates “The Little Drummer Boy.”

• 5. When the angels proclaim the birth of Jesus to the shepherds in “Angels We Have Heard on High,” they sing, “Gloria, in excelsis Deo.” This is Latin for:

A. Fa la la

B. Such a glorious day!

C. Gloria is with Mary in the stable

D. Glory to God in the highest

Good luck everyone! Hopefully you know your holiday jingles better than I do…feel free to post your scores in the comments when you’re done!