I know I’ve been horribly remiss in blogging since the 25 Days of Christmas came to a close (which, by the way, I’m still mourning). But this will more than make up for it:

This is how the above event came to be:

Mom: “My legs get so cold during the day. I think I want to get some leg warmers.”

Me: “I still have my old ones from dance; do you want them?”

Mom: “Sure!”

Now when I offered the assistance of leg warmers, I never expected to open the door the following evening and find them worn like this:

The entryway was dark so I couldn’t figure out why her shins were a different color than her thighs. So I asked.

Me: “What are you wearing?” (In a tone that says, “What in the name of all that is fabric are you wearing?”)

Mom: “The leg warmers.” (In a tone that says, “Duh.”)

Me: “Over your pants?” (In a tone that says, “This is going to be good.”)

Mom: “Yeah!” (In a tone that says, “How else would you wear them?”)

Me: ”                                         .” (Speechless.)

In between laughing so hard that I was literally crying and documenting the moment as quickly as humanly possible, I tried to explain that wearing leg warmers outside of your jeans is kind of like wearing underwear outside of your pants. And then I demonstrated by positioning the leg warmers appropriately, like tall socks.

To which she said, “But they don’t work as good that way. I like them on the outside!”

So watch out world. Martie Watts is coming your way, fully clad in outward love for legwarmers.

Good luck.