I’m thinking about giving my mom her own section of the blog. With the material she’s been providing lately, she’s earned it.

Take yesterday, when she tried to tell me that Benjamin Netanyahu – the Prime Minister of Israel – was a free agent for the Raiders. Or when she introduced our tall and elderly friend, George Washburn, as George Washington.

It was a political day.

I don’t know if the term “put the hurt on” is political and therefore ties into this post, but I’m using it anyways in reference to the Pack’s sound thumping of the Falcons last night. It was a thing of beauty.

When I went to Lambeau in September one of the sweet Hall of Fame employees saw my childish child-like enthusiasm and gave me this:



Two of the main components that have propelled the Packers – the “we have 15 players on IR” Packers – into the NFC Championship game.

I love this team.

And this bracelet (which is destined to be around my ankle until the rubber decomposes).