When I visited Cowboys Stadium on Roadtrip USA I partially went to see the grandeur but mostly because I wanted to see the stadium where this year’s Super Bowl would be played. It honestly never crossed my mind that the Packers would be playing in Super Bowl 45. Not because I do not love my team. Not because I do not have faith in my organization. But because at that point, Aaron Rodgers was our leading rusher. We were using offensive players as defensive linemen. We were having a good season, but were not necessarily equipped to have a Super Bowl season.

And yet…

The Packers are the NFC Champions. The Packers are going to Dallas for Super Bowl XLV.

Besides being so excited that I can barely remember my own name, I also stayed up all night rewatching the game and hours of postgame coverage, so my ability to put together a coherent thought is essentially nonexistent. Suffice it to say: I am at the pinnacle of personal happiness.


And just in case there were any doubts: You can expect a full slate of Packers posts until then.

(See you in Dallas, Steelers. In the words of Bart Scott…CAN’T WAIT!)