After I assembled this meal and took the pictures I started looking around for the Peace Train because apparently I’m on it. Once you start eating green meals that involve lentils you’ve officially crossed a line from health enthusiast to hippie. However, I’m choosing to view this from the angle of furthered Green Bay support since even my food is green in preparation for Super Bowl XLV.

Believe it or not, this was the best lunch I’ve had in recent memory. And not just because it was green. The smoothie was of the Green Monster variety and the salad consisted of the following:




+kidney beans (only because I picked up a can of beans that looked black…but were in fact not black beans)

+lime zest and juice

+olive oil

+balsamic vinegar

+all placed on a bed of spinach

I promise, it’s good stuff. Unless you’re a Bears or Steelers fan…then you probably can’t eat this right now.