Now, we all know that I love snow just as much as the next guy. More than the next guy, probably. But this is the sight at the end of our driveway…a week ago…without the 14 – 20 inches we’re scheduled to receive over the next two days. I mean, I’m only 5 feet tall. I’m going to have to start shoveling on stilts to clear the piles.

Snow, I am one of your biggest fans, but there does come a time when one can have too much of a good thing. We may be nearing that time.

Meanwhile, I’m counting my indoor blessings. The cancellation of today’s travel plans resulted in a snow day of sorts, which left a wide open schedule for media day coverage. Thanks to the wonder of social media today looks a lot like this:

Snowed in with an internet connection during Super Bowl week? Is this for real? Could life be any better? It could be if there were roasted vegetables in the oven and I was in sweatpants…but oh wait…THERE ARE AND I AM!!!

Not a bad situation, my friends. I am one happy snowed-in camper. Hope everyone else is having an enjoyable snow day (or a safe non-snow day!) as well!