First, a week ago I snapped this shot of our Christmas tree rapidly disappearing beneath the snow:

And this is what remains a week later:

Goodbye, Christmas tree. See you in April or May.

We now have half my entire height in snow on the ground (at least 2.5 feet) and almost 5 feet total for the winter (58 inches). Snow, what can I say? You must have heard me back in December.

Second, I love my mom.



My mom loves her job at the middle school cafeteria. She has a great time with the kids and more often than not she can be counted on to dress up for holidays and special occasions just to add some extra fun to the day. So last night she asked me if I had any Packers t-shirts she could borrow to wear to school in the morning in honor of the Super Bowl. When we decided on this one, she asked if she could also borrow my cheesehead. And this outfit is what resulted.

I couldn’t be more proud.