I think I cried live on Wisconsin radio yesterday.

Unfortunately I’m not kidding.

Let’s start at the beginning, which, like every day in 2011, began with snow. And that means the driveway and I had the opportunity to bond once again. This relationship is one that I honestly enjoy. I love winter. I love snow. I love trying to beat my previous shoveling PR (because yes, I am that crazy). But sometimes relationships fall on hard times, and sometimes those hard times are due to the influence of a third party.

Yesterday, the wind meddled. It wrought havoc on my peaceable coexistence with the pavement.

Since we now have more snow than I have height shoveling has become a cardiovascular event. If I shoveled in neon spandex and blasted some golden oldies I could record myself and start selling “You Live in the Northeast!” workout DVD’s. What was once a simple repetition of shovel and dump is now a complex squat, lift, and chuck sequence. With the introduction of wind, this series became squat, lift, chuck and duck to avoid having all of the snow I just removed heralded back into my face by Gael force gusts. It was special.

After a short learning curve and multiple “FOR REAL???” conversations with the wind, the driveway and I worked things out and were back to our happy state by the time we parted ways. When I got back inside, however, I was looking for a little warmth. And what better source than the double digit hours of Super Bowl coverage I taped throughout the day on Sunday?

Imagine my dismay at finding that it had all been deleted by the DVR to make room for other recordings. Let’s just say I was a somewhat devastated troubled.

But in accordance with my life as a snow remover, I plowed on (please insert 5 points here for unabashed use of lame snow puns). I checked off to-do list items with gusto, one of which was to find a way to see or hear the Return to Titletown celebration occurring at Lambeau that afternoon. After coming up empty on live streaming of Wisconsin television stations and nearby locations with access to the NFL Network I found an online stream of a radio station that would be broadcasting the ceremony in its entirety. Success!

I tuned into said station 15 minutes early and listened to the commentators commentating on all the glory that was to come. My excitement increased exponentially by the second. And then the music began! And the cheering was heard! And the commentators ushered in the glorious ruckus with…


The live streaming ended abruptly just as the celebration began. Panicked, I called the first number I saw at the bottom of the website. A deep voice picked up the line and said, “Thank you for calling (station’s call letters that I’ve already forgotten…sorry, Wisconsin…I was really upset)! You’re on with (radio announcer).”

To which I so eloquently blurted,

“I’m a fan from New York and I’m trying to watch the event at Lambeau and no one is showing it live and I was just listening to it on your station online and then it went dead and I don’t know what happened and please help!!!”

To which he said,

“Yeah, unfortunately we can’t air it online.”

To which I replied,


To which he hesitantly offered,

“…I’m sorry?”

To which I cried (shamefully…but literally) all in one breath,

“No it’s ok thanks for your help have a good day bye (click).”

It wasn’t the singular event. It was probably the combination of back to back to back days of lack of sleep and surplus of emotion that led me to weep on Wisconsin’s air waves. Luckily for everyone, I’m sure most of the locals were tuning into Return to Titletown anyways and did not hear my open display of woe.

After that, I resorted to watching the Packers Twitter feed update to get a feel for what was going on. At least it was something.

Until Jason Wilde, who was previously my favorite Packers beat writer but will now be forever cemented in first place, tweeted this:

“I’m told if you are out of (Title)town and looking for the big Return to Titletown event online, you can stream it at ESPN3.com.”

I clicked on it just to see what the deal was. And it turns out the deal was for Time Warner Cable customers, which my parents are! And all I had to do was sign in! Which I did! And before I knew it there was Donald Driver, getting the warmest of welcome homes from the sold out crowd at sub zero Lambeau Field!


During the commercial break I headed straight to Twitter to thank Mr. Wilde for making my day. This time with semi-dry eyes:

“THANK YOU @jasonjwilde for the espn3 tip! I’m a fan from NY and have been trying to find a way to see/hear it all day long! Watching now :)”

To which he replied,

“Happy to help. RT @mygreenorchard: THANK YOU @jasonjwilde for the espn3 tip! I’m a fan from NY and have been trying to watch.”

Getting to watch the Pack come home to Lambeau AND getting a retweet from one of my favorite sports writers solidified the day’s swing in a much more positive direction. The fact that UPS came with last week’s Packers Pro Shop order and that another order was placed a few hours later…icing on the cake.

(Although if today is a bit more even keel, I wouldn’t so much mind.)