So hey, I moved!

And started a new job!

And forgot to tell you guys!

I’ll give myself multiple blogging demerits for that one.

Remember this? When I left Roberts 6 months ago? When I left thinking that in the next 6 months I would drive away in a blaze of glory, fall in love with a location on Roadtrip USA, and make a semi-permanent move to a place that was decidedly not Rochester, NY?

Welp. It’s 6 months later. I’m back in Rochester. And back at Roberts, no less!

Oh, irony. You’re a funny friend.

The story is this: Roberts graciously offered me the opportunity to work as an interim Resident Director for the rest of this semester while the permanent Resident Director is out on sabbatical. And I said heck yes my friends! Because 1. I love Roberts. 2. I love employment. 3. I love nouns.

To be fair, the decision making process was more complex than 1, 2, 3. Old habits die hard and the verb-lovin’ side of my brain had a few reservations. But I’m beyond happy to report that the nouns held their own and got the victory on this one, because my return to Roberts has been nothing short of amazing. I’m equal portions humbled, blessed, grateful, and elated.


It’s so nice that God has better plans than I do.