Oh, blog peeps. Do I ever have something to tell you…

The bad news: Say goodbye to this here blog. My Green Orchard is being put to pasture (how’s that for a mixed metaphor?). It’s been a good blog. There were some great memories (this one! and this one! and this one too!). But it’s time for a small change of direction.

So, the good news: Say hello to bekagphotography.com and bekagphotography.wordpress.com, the new website and blog, respectively.

WOW! Who knew?!

I could proceed with this post sentimentally, reflectively, professionally, ecstatically, or in about a thousand other ways. But mostly, I’m surprised. I never, ever thought that when I picked up a camera and started seeing beauty everywhere that I’d someday create a website and take pictures for other people.

God’s funny that way. Wiley like a coyote.

So, there it is! I really hope you all like the website. It represents about 8,000 years of (and taken off of) my life over the past few months. Technology isn’t for the faint of heart.

As for the blog, I hope that you’ll find more of the same things you’ve found here, but with a bit of a new direction. Daily life commentary infused with food, football, unexpected adventures, and things my mom said will still abound, along with lots and lots of pictures!

I’m not sure what will come of the new sites, but I’m so excited to find out. Thanks for being the fantastic blog readers that you are and for joining me on a boatload of diverse life happenings over the past two years! Can’t wait to continue the party over at beka.g.photography!

(Public Service Announcement: If you’re nice enough to subscribe via email or Google Reader, you’ll need to change your subscription to the new blog site to receive updated posts from now on. Please and thank you.)