…about me…

These sections vex me. I never know exactly what to say. So instead of filling this page with paragraphs of biographical information, I’m just going to start listing facts periodically as they come to me. And off we go…

Fact #15: If I could be any fictional TV character, I would want to be Tami Taylor from Friday Night Lights. What a good woman.

Fact #14: For years, I thought eachother was one word. Shameful. And even more shameful is the fact that the incorrect combining of words is a consistent and egregious habit of mine.

Fact #13: I honestly and enthusiastically love Brussels sprouts. I’d label them my favorite vegetable if I wasn’t so fond of so many others.

Fact #12: Every time I watch 30 Rock I become more convinced that I am the real life manifestation of Liz Lemon.

Fact #11: I was born in Bethlehem and raised in Nazareth. Pennsylvania.

Fact #10: I strongly dislike being wet. The addition of cold makes that dislike even stronger.

Fact #9: A startling percentage of my favorite male authors are named Jonathan.

Fact #8: My two biggest pet peeves: 1a) the phrase “whole nother” 1b) unnecessarily overactive windshield wipers.

Fact #7: One time, on the day before starting a new job, I accidentally shaved off half of my left eyebrow.

Fact #6: I bleed green and gold. And own a cheesehead.

Fact #5: 5 is always a significant number for me, usually in an unlucky way.

Fact #4: Friends Season 7 Disc 2 is my bad day cure. That, and all of the chocolate in a ten mile radius.

Fact #3: I routinely find myself doing things I vowed I would never do. Consequently, I’ve stopped vowing.

Fact #2: I like several abnormal smells – gasoline, fresh black-top, and wet pavement among them.

Fact #1: I am more devoted to coffee than Juan Valdez, the guy on the donkey in the Colombian coffee commercials.