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So, here’s the deal: From September through November 2010 I went on a 10 week road trip around the country in a mini van. For a longer story of how this all came to be, please refer back to this post. Basically, I knew I wanted to do things I had never done in places I had never been with people I had never met. I knew I didn’t want to be complacent about my dreams and miss out on the beautifully abundant life God has for me because of fear of the unknown. I also knew my life would not be complete until I experienced coffee in the Pacific Northwest.

A trip was born.

This trip was something else, my friends. It was surprising and challenging and eye-opening and rewarding in ways I don’t think I’ve fully realized yet. All of the experiences gave me a LOT of raw material to blog and photograph, and because I love you guys and value the eight years of your life that it would take you to sort through the pages and pages of blog fodder devoted to the trip, I’ve wrangled it all into one space and condensed it down to the best parts. Below you will find links to a handful of my favorite posts. There’s also a slideshow set to one of the trip’s theme songs, “Dream” by Priscilla Ahn. (Sidenote: the photos upload really poorly on YouTube, so if you’d like to see better quality photos click over to the film tab.)

Questions, comments, concerns, or snide remarks? Feel free to leave a shout out below; I’d be more than happy to get back to you and chat about the trip. Otherwise, enjoy!

Top 16 Roadtrip Posts…Because I Couldn’t Pick The Top 10…Or 15

day 5: go pack go

day 11: humbled

day 15: sunday funday

day 16: encouragement, and gaining 10lbs in one day

day 19: island (mis)happenings

day 25: not being an island

day 28: beautiful things

day 31: things i learned on the bike path

day 39: rocky mountain high

day 47: creep, crawl, conquer

day 50: the joy of victory

day 61: star-crossed produce

day 64: pummeled by faithfulness

day 68: the meat of the matter

day 71: be it ever so humble

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